UFF USF Chapter Meeting September 24, 1999

In Attendance: M. Doherty, M. Klisch, N. Tyson, B. Welker, M. Silverman, S. Singh, H. Hechiche, E. Ford, C. Busot

M. Silverman reported that the Consultation with Provost Tighe has been rescheduled to October 5th.

As was reported in the Oracle, he sent a letter to the Chancellor protesting the lack of faculty input in the Presidential search. UFF will request an interview with the Presidential candidates. There was a steward training session last week. UFF Senate will be October 23-24 in Tampa.

F. Zerla reported that with the addition of a $500 membership grant the treasury stands at $4315.24.

M. Silverman requested that the chapter send $50 to UFF for Robert Weinberger’s retirement and the members approved.

B. Welker reported on bargaining-whether UFF should raise the issue of budget surpluses in a time of low faculty salaries.

M. Klisch reported 2 new grievances on assignment and 1 involving an entire department. Efforts underway to resolve old grievances.

M. Silverman reported that Rosie Joels would be raising issue of faculty presence on Presidential Search Committee with the Chancellor, and broader issue of decentralization of role of faculty.

There was a request for more material for newsletter, especially “hot button” issues. Week of October 25th will be “Steward’s Week” with M. Silverman and L. Bolieu recruiting in the colleges. There was a discussion of issue of “collegiality.”


Submitted October 8, 1999 by M. Doherty, Secretary

UFF USF Chapter Meeting October 8, 1999

In Attendance: M. Doherty, M. Klisch, N. Tyson, L. Bolieu, S. Banoob, B. Welker, H. Vanden, E. Metzger, M. Silverman

B. Welker reported on the UFF-BOR Salary Task Force, and possible bargaining issues. The BOR has asked the Legislature for 8 million for performance-based raises and 12 million for market equity.

M. Klisch reported there is nothing new on grievances.

G. McColm reported on publications. There was discussion of need for newsletter issue in time for Steward’s week. S. Banoob volunteered to chair a subcommittee to work on an instrument for evaluation of administrators.

M. Silverman reported that the Political Action Committee is inactive at the moment. There will be a listserv for stewards and for the union membership. There was a discussion about establishing set time periods when the UFF office will be staffed.

M. Silverman reported on the Consultation held with Acting President Tighe. The four issues discussed were the Faculty Assignment Reports, the human subject IRBs and faculty certification, market equity and the procedures the university will follow to distribute it, and the reporting of outside employment (already grieved) The parking topic was reserved for the next consultation.

E. Metzger made a motion that “ As educators concerned about equal opportunity in education, we the members of UFF at USF oppose the anti affirmative action amendment proposed by Ward Connerly to dismantle all affirmative action in Florida” The motion was seconded and passed unanimously.

It was proposed that the motion be sent to the Oracle, be published in the UFF USF newsletter, and be brought up at UFF Senate.


Submitted by M. Doherty, October 8, 1999

UFF/USF Meeting October 22, 1999

In Attendance: V. Peppard, M. Klisch, S. Singh, M. Doherty, H. Vanden, G. McColm, F. Zerla, C. Busot, N. Tyson, J. Futch, R. Wheeler, B. Welker

The meeting opened with a moment of silence to note the passing of former Chapter President Bob O’Hara.

M. Klisch and C. Busot attended first meeting of Committee on Faculty Assignment Reports. There will be a subsequent meeting.

F. Zerla announced receipt of Fall rebate of $4870 from statewide UFF, bringing chapter treasury to $8613.29.

The statewide Bargaining Committee has asked for statewide statistics to discover how many bargaining unit members received unsatisfactory evaluations last year.

M. Klisch reported no new grievances. A Step One meeting was held on a non-reappointment grievance. Other Step Ones coming concern overload pay and the new IRB Certification.

G. McColm announced the newsletter would be out by Monday October 25 for steward’s week.

Instead of holding a holiday party, it was decided to have a get together at the beginning of the Spring semester.


Submitted by M. Doherty, Secretary, 11-8-99

UFF/ USF Chapter Meeting November 5, 1999

In Attendance: B. Welker, M.Doherty, S. Banoob, N. Tyson, V. Peppard, M. Klisch, F. Zerla, M. Silverman, A.Hechiche, G. McColm

M. Silverman reported that the newsletter issue is published, and that he visited the St Petersburg campus.

F. Zerla reported just two bills received since his last report.

B. Welker reported on bargaining. Issues included where promotions will be funded from and how market equity will distributed at USF and other SUS schools.

M. Klisch reported two new grievances, one on tenure and promotion and the other concerning failure to provide letter of assignment and evaluation for a non-tenured position.

It was announced that the steward’s listserv is up and running. G. McColm will update USF UFF web page. Next full newsletter will be early next Spring. M. Silverman wants to publish a one page newsletter on the USF Presidential search and the fact that UFF will not be granted its own interview with candidates as was done with past searches. Newsletter should stress importance of huge faculty turnout at the 90-minute group faculty interviews.

M Silverman reported on UFF Senate—All USF Senators showed up and participated.

S. Banoob brought up administrator evaluations. G. McColm will locate models from previous years.

M. Klisch moved that “ The USF Chapter of the United Faculty of Florida strongly objects to the recent reassignment of graduate assistant Derek Washington from his teaching position without due process or investigation by faculty. This action by the university administration is a violation of its commitment to the basic principles of academic freedom which are essential to the spirit of inquiry and to the opportunity to examine ideas in an atmosphere of openness and confidence.

UFF/USF supports the immediate reinstatement to Mr. Washington to this teaching position.”

The motion passed by majority vote.


Submitted by M. Doherty, Secretary, 11-8-99

UFF/USF Executive Committee Meeting December 15, 1999

In Attendance: M. Silverman, S. Singh, N. Tyson, B. Welker, F. Zerla, M. Doherty

There was discussion about inviting USF Presidential candidates to stay an additional day and providing another meeting with staff, faculty and students.

M. Silverman will be working to arrange retirement and tenure/promotion workshops. The IRB issue has been resolved. Bargaining survey to go out first week in January. Market Equity D pool proposed as possible consultation topic. There was discussion of issue of service beyond job assignment and whether it should be criteria for salary decisions.


Submitted 2/10/00 by M. Doherty, Secretary

UFF/USF Meeting January 28, 2000

In Attendance: E. Ford, B. Welker, V. Peppard, M. Klisch, S. Singh, G. McColm, E. Metzger, N.Tyson, M. Silverman, M.Doherty, H. Hechiche

M. Silverman announced that the Bargaining Survey and Newsletter are out, there will be a workshop in September on benefits, and Tenure and Promotion workshops at the end of February.

The UFF Chapter Presidents will meet in Orlando January 29. UFF seeking bargaining team members who would be awarded release time.

M. Klisch reported one grievance on assignment informally resolved. Discussed other promotion tenure problems.

G. McColm reported there would be another newsletter in March, and fliers for the workshops, and there will need to be fliers for upcoming chapter elections.

N. Tyson reported that the Faculty Senate Advisory Committee on USF Presidential search has sent recommendations that will be distributed at PSAC meeting next Tuesday.

There was discussion of work of campus-wide market equity committee, and that this year more weight will be given to performance.


Submitted by M. Doherty, Secretary 02/10/99

USF/UFF Meeting February 11, 2000

In Attendance: B. Welker, M. Doherty, R. Weatherford, F. Zerla, E. Metzger, H. Hechiche, G. McColm, S. Singh, H. Regis

There was discussion of new contract issues. It was decided to conduct ratification elections by mail, as was done in 1999.

It was announced that Dr. Heide would conduct the UFF tenure and promotion workshop March 1, from 12-2, in EDU 411. A workshop for librarians is being planned.

F. Zerla reported treasury as between $5000-$6000.

M. Silverman reported that membership applications are coming in. Mailings and newsletters have raised visibility and generated memberships.

R. Weatherford reported on FTP/NEA meeting and difficulties with merger.

S. Singh reported on an issue that has come before statewide arbitration committee he serves on—Florida State University’s dismissal of a tenured faculty member as a result of a branch closure.

M. Silverman proposed issues for upcoming consultation including getting final documentation on IRB resolution and proposed FMHI ombudsman.

There was discussion of promotion and salary issues for in unit university employees on non-tenured, unranked lines and difficulties with salary enhancements that are not across the board.

Upcoming publications will be flier for tenure and promotion workshop and contract ratification.

G. McColm’s letter in St Pete Times on Florida educators was noted.

Chapter elections must be held after Spring Break. Nominations will be conducted at next membership meeting.


Submitted by M. Doherty Secretary, February 25, 2000

UFF/USF Meeting February 25, 2000

In Attendance: B. Welker, V.Peppard, F. Zerla, M. Klisch, S. Singh, H. Vanden, A. Hechiche, G. McColm, M. Doherty, M. Silverman

M.Silverman reported that contract ratification ballots and the announcement of the tenure workshop were both mailed this week. To date tenure workshop has 20 attendees.

Chapter Bylaws require newly elected Officers and Senators to take office on April 1. It was the consensus of those present to hold Chapter elections at the March 21st membership meeting. Nominations were taken from the floor, and will be posted on the USF/ UFF website. The Website will also offer members the opportunity to contact the Chapter President to place other names in nomination. Nominations were as follows:

President: M. Silverman

Vice-President: B.Welker

Treasurer: F. Zerla

Secretary: M.Doherty

Senators: B.Welker, M.Silverman, M. Miller, S. Singh, R.Weatherford, H.Vanden, M.Klisch, S.Banoob, J.Notaro, A. Shapiro

Alternate Senators: G. McColm, V. Peppard, J. Futch, N. Tyson, A. Hechiche

F. Zerla reported that current treasury is $4881.67 and will soon be supplemented by roughly another $3800.

M. Klisch reported on grievance concerning inability of faculty to be paid from grant funding while on sabbatical, and on another tenure and promotion grievance. It was suggested that the sabbatical/grant funding issue should be discussed at an upcoming consultation.

B. Welker raised the USF’s Dean Evaluation Form as another consultation topic. Current procedure requires evaluator to sign outer envelope.

M. Silverman recommended that UFF conduct its own Dean Evaluation, as in past years. He also suggested the proposed FMHI ombudsman as another consultation topic.


Submitted by M. Doherty, Secretary, February 25, 2000

UFF/USF Meeting March 24, 2000

In Attendance: V. Peppard, M. Doherty, R. Wheeler, M. klisch, A. Miller, F. Zerla, G. McColm

There was a consultation on March 21st with Provost. Topics included technology transfer, sabbatical pay, the FMHI proposed Conflict Resolution Committee, dean evaluation procedure, College of Nursing issues, and the outside employment form. M. Silverman, Phil Smith, and FMHI representative will meet next week to discuss that issue. It was proposed that UFF do its own dean evaluation and S. Banoob is working on a format for the questions and written comments.

F. Zerla announced there is approximately $7800 in treasury.

  1. Miller discussed need for UFF related issues involving Sarasota/New College faculty. M. Silverman expressed willingness to do a contract workshop in Sarasota.


Submitted by M. Doherty, Secretary, 4/7/2000

UFF/USF Chapter Meeting April 7, 2000

In Attendance: V. Peppard, M. Klisch, M. Doherty, F. Zerla, N. Tyson, S. Singh, G. McColm, H. Hechiche, B. Welker

B. Welker chaired the meeting. He requested signed proxies from any UFF Senators not attending the Orlando Senate meeting. There will be a vote on an amendment to the UFF Constitution at the meeting.

It was announced that another issue of the Chapter newsletter is out.

There was a discussion of the BOR restructuring legislation.

M. Klisch announced that two new grievances have been filed, one over the sabbatical/ salary from grants issue, the second over a disciplinary matter.

There was an update from members of the university Market Equity Committee.


Submitted by M. Doherty, Chapter Secretary, 4/20/2000

UFF/USF Chapter Meeting June 2, 2000

In Attendance: H. Hechiche, M. Silverman, M. Doherty, S. Banoob, M. Klisch, F. Zerla, H. Vanden

B. Welker, S. Singh

There was no printed agenda. M. Silverman announced that Gov. Bush had frozen market equity increases at SUS schools where it had not already been distributed. USF is one of four schools that had already distributed it. There will be an executive committee meeting June 7, 12-1:00 to meet with Louis Bolieu from Tallahassee and go over Fall schedule including a T&P and educational reorganization workshop.

F. Zerla reported there is a little over $6000 in chapter treasury.

There was more discussion on future of bargaining and potential for recertification.

M. Klisch reported on proposed settlement on sabbatical pay issue. USF’s conditions are that there are no prohibitions in grant and no conflict of interest. USF has requested settlement be in writing and be reviewed by chapter.

M. Silverman requested a volunteer to serve as political action coordinator, and nominees for an NEA union activities training grant for those under 35 years of age. June 16 will be last chapter summer meeting.

B. Welker chaired meeting from this point. He has received list of USF market equity recipients. There was further discussion of impact of educational reorganization on bargaining.

There was a discussion of need for a new associate member category to raise membership.

S. Singh raised issue about new requirement that College of Education faculty spend a certain number of hours in public school classrooms and asked for chapter’s position on it, and whether chapter had participated in any meetings on policy.


Submitted by M. Doherty, Secretary June 9, 2000

UFF/USF Chapter Meeting June 16, 2000

In attendance: N. Tyson, M. Klisch, M. Doherty, H. Hechiche, B. Welker, M. Silverman, F. Zerla

F. Zerla reported there is $6377.11 in treasury

M. Klisch reported that he sent two step two grievances (one on due process and one on tenure and promotion) on to Tallahassee.

There was discussion about security of university mandated teaching evaluations and teaching evaluations retained in departments. Are they public records or student records? There was discussion concerning stewards committee, the possibility of a local bargaining team, and a new requirement that College of Education faculty spend hours in public school classrooms. According to M. Silverman, there has been no process or stipulation yet from university for USF faculty to teach in public school classrooms.

M. Klisch moved that the chapter meeting lunches should be free. The motion was seconded and passed.

N. Tyson reported on search for head of Parking and Traffic.


Submitted by M. Doherty, Secretary, August 11, 2000