UFF USF Chapter Meeting September 16, 2004


In Attendance: N. Tyson, M Doherty, B. Welker, S. Wohlmuth, J. Martin,  R. Weatherford, G. McColm,  K. McCook, J. Noonan, B. McLay, L. Kay, B. Frank, S. Dorn, M. Klisch, A. Perrault, L. Alexander, R. Tucker


No printed agenda


Budget Approval

UFF Senate Meeting


Open Letters


Presidential Debate House Party


Agenda adopted


S.Dorn presented “2004-2005 Draft Budget, 2003-2004 Budget Information Sheet.” The 2003-2004 Budget Column needs to be corrected. S. Dorn moved and G. McColm seconded that the chapter approve and submit 2004-2005 budget as is, and that S. Dorn be allowed to correct 2003-2004 Budget Column. Motion passed.


S. Dorn reported chapter assets have increased by $952 over same time previous year.


No grievances to report, S.Singh and M. Klisch keeping records of grievances filed for future action. Faculty Senate will be looking into collegial governance at departmental level.


G.McColm reported Biweekly went out this morning. Uncommon Sense newsletter delayed by Hurricane Frances, will be out in a week. A round of applause for Greg McColm.


UF Senate meeting will be September 24-26 at Tampa. State UFF office needs to know who from USF is attending. Call for volunteers to work on credential and registration desk. M. Klisch will put information on UFF Senate meeting out via Yahoo group.


The Central Labor Council wants volunteers for political activities.


S. Permuth will be working on two issues for Faculty Senate: Inter-campus operating procedures and collective bargaining.


B. Welker reported that USF and UFF have tentatively agreed on 24 articles. Discussion of bargaining strategy. A round of applause for Bob and bargaining team.


The chapter will continue accepting open letters from USF faculty.


No decision on demonstration issue. Five-six volunteers would be needed for organization. Suggestion that lecture/informational talk format might also work.


No action on house party for debate.


New Business



J. Noonan made a motion written by M. Klisch. “ UFF requests a policy clarification from United Way regarding its stance on freedom of speech.” Motion passed.


S. Dorn reported on AFSCME victory. Can provide lists of non-UFF members for membership recruiting. Gave his website URL:




Good of the Order


Query about whether adjuncts are eligible for any USF group health insurance (no) B Welker reminded chapter that cap has gone to $2 million in healthcare system.






Submitted by M. Doherty, Secretary, September 18, 2004








UFF USF Chapter Meeting October 15, 2004


In Attendance:  M Doherty, B. Welker, S. Wohlmuth, J. Martin,  R. Weatherford, G. McColm,  K. McCook, J. Noonan, L. Kay, B. Frank, S. Dorn, M. Klisch, H. Hechiche, H. den, A. Mindardi, C. Dunkley, J. Cebulski, S. Singh, K. White, S. Permuth, A. Shapiro,


No printed agenda


The Chapter President proposed the first toast to the members of the UFF Bargaining Team.  The second was to Chief Bargainer Bob Welker.


After a round of applause, Bob Welker discussed the verbal agreement with USF. Duration of the contract has yet to be agreed upon. L. Kay raised question as to whether contract covers “visiting” faculty. They are not included in salary provisions. R. Weatherford said in future chapter will look for way to change this.


Discussion on requirements for ratification, and educational efforts chapter should undertake before ratification election. The chair broke a motion on conducting a mailing into three motions.


  1. To do an informational mailing on contract, with membership form. Passed
  2. To ratify contract by mail with ballot and return envelope. Passed
  3. To conduct open educational meetings, sessions with chairs. Passed


Members moved also doing FAQs, but membership set aside strict parliamentary procedure to pass the motion on educational meetings.


The Treasurer presented the revision of the draft budget. K.McCook moved that the date for general meeting be set as October 29th at 12. Passed


Under good of the order, Castor Rally and Central Labor Council Labor Day Picnic (hurricane delayed) noted.







Submitted by M. Doherty, Secretary, November 7, 2004










UFF General Membership Meeting October 29, 2004


Members of the UFF Bargaining Team Steve Permuth, Kathleen McCook, Mark Klisch, Art Shapiro, Bob Welker introduced by Chapter President Roy Weatherford. The contribution of Keith White (not present) also noted. Chief Bargainer Bob reviewed proposed contract. Question and answer session followed. Session video taped by Sherman Dorn for those who could not attend.




Submitted by M. Doherty, Secretary November 12, 2004











UFF USF Chapter Meeting November 12, 2004


In Attendance:  M Doherty, B. Welker, S. Wohlmuth, R. Weatherford, G. McColm, S. Dorn, M. Klisch, S. Singh, A. Shapiro, B. Frank


No printed agenda. This agenda adopted:


UFF elections


M. Klisch discussed problems with ratification election: out of town faculty, those on campus who have not gotten ballots, in-units who are not on in-unit list. Remedies: accept faxed in votes but sequester them, count last. Allow bargaining unit members to vote at UFF office 11:30-12:00 on Friday. Send out information in e-mail to campus.


After a discussion, S. Dorn moved that chapter release raw votes on ratification. Passed unanimously.


The vote count is open to all members of bargaining unit. University administration will also be invited.


S. Dorn proposed preparing report on bargaining unit survey results to be available at chapter meetings. After discussion he tabled proposal.


Discussion concerning future consultation topics: spouse-dependent tuition, mediation, and domestic partner benefits. Issue raised that salary information form put out by USF does not have enough information to verify correctness of raises.



Keith White will be asked to chair chapter election committee. People running for four main offices should not serve on committee. Committee will determine exact timing of election. Discussion of release time distribution, and proper procedure in recruitment efforts for non-ranked 40-hour employees.






Submitted by M. Doherty, Secretary, December 3, 2004





UFF USF Chapter Meeting December 10, 2004


In Attendance:  J. Noonan, V. Peppard, S. Permuth, K. Whitley, J. Martin, K. McCook, B. Loeding, M Doherty, B. Welker, S. Wohlmuth, R. Weatherford, G. McColm, S. Dorn, M. Klisch, S. Singh, B. Barnett, B. Frank


Discussion of UFF President Auxter’s magazine article on contract moved to #7 on agenda, agenda adopted as amended.


Discussion of contract signing ceremony and BOT ratification of contract. Chapter may rent post office box at university post office. Chapter has received UFF rebate for first semester.


M. Klisch reported on new grievances concerning intellectual property and non-reappointment. Effective date of new contract is December 2, 2004. Discussion concerning timetable for grievances dating from events before that date. Questions coming in because members cannot determine how salary increases determined. M. Klisch will contact Dr. Smith to determine how salary notifications being done.


Discussion of visiting professors and what policy UFF should adopt on issue. M. Klisch

suggested that at next chapter meeting we consider motion to bring issue to consultation. Faculty Senate also reviewing entire range of faculty employment.  A Health Science representative would need to be present to make consultation comprehensive.  Report on massive reclassification project going on among non-tenured bargaining unit members.


Chapter will set up grievance training early next semester. Also need list of arbitrators.



The remainder of meeting devoted to review of Tom Auxter’s article, G. McColm will pass on suggested revisions.   A motion to distribute reprints of the article was ruled out of order; chapter needs to know cost.  There was a motion to ask Dr. Auxter to revise the title and include subheads or bullets of individual accomplishments, the main title to be something like “slam dunk,” “grand slam,” Motion passed.








Submitted by M. Doherty, Secretary, December 19, 2004









UFF USF Chapter Meeting January 7, 2005


In Attendance: R. Weatherford, M. Klisch, B. Barnett, G. Malcom, K. White, K. delă Penă McCook, S. Arien, S. Ramírez Wohlmuth, J. Futch Martin, S. Singh



R. Weatherford chaired the meeting and submitted the following agenda, which was then adopted:


1. Vacancy in office of chapter Secretary

2. Mail Box

3. T. Auxter Article

            4. Reports:

                        a. Treasurer

                        b. Grievances

c. Newsletter

d. Membership

            5. Chamber of Commerce

            6. Other Business

            7. Good of the Order


K. delă Penă McCook volunteered to find an appropriate gift for parting chapter Secretary, M. Doherty.


K. White was appointed interim chapter Secretary.


R. Weatherford moved that chapter staff assistant B. Franks be tasked with investigating changes made to intercampus mail delivery.  M. Klisch seconded the motion, and the motioned passed.


R. Weatherford called for comments and suggestions to be forwarded to UFF President, T. Auxter, who will be writing a series of articles on the successful CBA process at USF.


G. McColm stated that the winter newsletter will announce office vacancies, and the Bi-Weekly will call for nominations. 


G. McColm noted that a volunteer or volunteers are needed to produced the Bi-Weekly when he is unavailable, and that he will soon be restructuring the chapter’s web cite.


R. Weatherford asked for discussion about continuing the chapter membership in the Greater Tampa Bay Chamber of Commerce. No motion made.


B. Welker indicated that the chapter and the USF administration must soon decide on the 2005 bargaining membership teams and bargaining agenda.




 Submitted by K. White, interim Secretary January 16, 2005





UFF USF Chapter Meeting January 21, 2005


Present were R.Weatherford, A. Miranda, J. Martin, S. Permuth, K. de la Peńa McCook, M. Kaplan, J. Cebulski, B. Franks, J. Wilkerson, S. Lang, G. McColm, A. Shapiro, S. Dorn, S. Wohlmuth, R. Welker, S. Singh, J.D. Noonan, M. Klisch, K White. 


President Weatherford presided. 


No printed agenda.


G. McColm, K. de la Peńa McCook, J. Cebulski, and K. White volunteered to form the 2005 UFF officers election committee.


R. Weatherford requested from the membership items to be discussed in UFF USF’s first consultation with President Genshaft—established by the new CBA—that will take place on February 17 at 4:00. 


S. Dorn presented both the latest membership numbers and his treasurer’s report.


Grievance officer M. Klisch gave his report on new and on-going grievances.


R. Welker suggested several items to include when UFF USF and USF meet this spring to make further changes or additions to the CBA.




Submitted by K. White, interim Secretary January 27, 2005





UFF USF Chapter Meeting February 4, 2005


Present were L. Samet, S. Dorn, S. Wohlmuth, R. Welker, K. Whitly, S. Singh, H. Hechiche, J.D. Noonan, M. Klisch, K White. 


Vice President M. Klisch presided. 


Agenda adopted.  Lauren Samet explained the AFT plan for acquiring new members.  S. Singh spoke of about UFF’s strategy planning to solve the University of Florida’s stagnating collective bargaining process.


K. Whitly discussed changes to and clarification of the sabbatical application process. 


M. Klisch reminded members that UFF USF’s first consultation with President Genshaft—established by the new CBA—will take place on February 17 at 4:00. 


S. Dorn presented both the latest membership numbers and his treasurer’s report.


Grievance officer M. Klisch informed those present of the number of faculty who did not receive their 2003 annual review results until January 31.




Submitted by K. White, interim Secretary February 10, 2005







UFF USF Chapter Meeting February 18, 2005


In Attendance: J. Cebulski, C. Dunkley, M. Kaplan, M. Klisch, S. Lang, G. McColm, K. de la Pena McCook, J. Noonan, S. Permuth, S. Singh, R. Weatherford (chairing), R. Welker, J. Wilkerson, S. Ramirez Wohlmuth and T. Auxter, R. Samet


No printed agenda



     Tom Auxter:  PERC

     Consultation:  Sabbaticals, unranked faculty


     Committee Reports

     Good of the Order


Agenda adopted


Tom Auxter, President of the UFF, spoke to the Chapter

     The recent DCA decision was the primary issue, and there was an extensive discussion of the implications and consequences of this development.

     There was also a discussion of an article President Auxter is composing on the USF contract.


Roy Weatherford led a delegation to a Consultation with the President yesterday

     There was a discussion of the sabbatical situation, which UFF is going to watch carefully

     There was a discussion of current investigations into the status and treatment of unranked permanent faculty:


Mary Kaplan, J. Wilkerson, and Jim Cebulski are the members of a UFF Task Force on the subject, and they presented a draft of a proposal to the chapter, which was tabled pending further study.


Election:  the ballots should be in the mail by Tuesday, Feb. 22.


Committee Reports


     Membership:  R. Samet will be assisting local organizing

     Grievances:  Noted that at present, the union does not “win” grievances; they are “resolved.”

                         There have been many delays in getting evaluations to faculty in a timely manner

     Publicity:  The efforts continue

     Bargaining:  Need a team


Submitted by G. McColm, substitute Secretary February 18, 2005







UFF/USF Chapter Meeting, March 4, 2005


In attendance: M. Klisch, S. Singh, S. Permuth, K. White, S. Lang, L. Samet, S. Dorn, L. Evans, S. Ramirez-Wohlmuth, K. de la Pena McCook, B. Frank, J. Noonan, J. Cebulski, J. Futch Martin, B. Welker, G. McColm, A. Miranda.


No written agenda; this agenda adopted:



Annual Evaluations       

Career Ladder – those not on tenure track

Instructor-authorized textbook





Summer Assignments


G. McColm reported that the election ballots were out, with one complaint and several (10) had been returned.  Fifty ballots were submitted back to him; ballots must be received by Thursday, March 10th. The count will occur at the UFF/USF office on Friday, the 11th at 2 p.m.


M. Klisch reported on problem with timeline for filing grievances having to do with the annual evaluations, which are to be received within 30 days of the end of the evaluation period.  Both administration and UFF/USF have agreed to work on getting evaluations out in a more timely fashion.  Discussion on how UFF/USF might accomplish this task, including reminding faculty to make sure they receive their evaluations in a timely manner.  M. Klisch and G. McColm will work on a statement.


J. Cebulski handed out a draft of his committee’s document, ‘Career Path for Non-Tenure-Earning Full-Time Teaching/Advising Staff.”  Send comments to J. Cebulski.  S. Singh suggested that the chapter approve the final document, then send it on to the statewide UFF senate for its approval as well.


M. Klisch had S. Dorn read the provost’s policy on Faculty-Authored Textbooks, found at: http://www.acad.usf.edu/facprogdev/FacultyAuthoredTextbooksPolicy.html

Discussion centered on difference between “permission,” and “must notify.”  Should one have to ask permission when the policy states, “must notify?” This is an academic freedom issue and needs to be a topic for consultation at the least.


B. Welker reported that a UFF/USF bargaining team needs to be appointed so that bargaining can resume. 


The Summer Assignment issue was moved up on the agenda. S. Permuth distributed copies of a document he received that outlined, “Criteria for Supplemental Summer Assignment for Summer 2005,” which appears to be in direct conflict with the CBA provisions in Article 8.4 (B) 1, especially, “shall be offered equitably and as appropriate to qualified employees…”  This too, needs to be a consultation topic, at the very least.


G. McColm reported that the BiWeekly is being sent from a new server, not from Yahoo anymore. He will clean up the chapter’s webpages when he gets a chance—after the elections.


M. Klisch reported on the chapter’s consultation, February 17th. One of the topics was the list of general salary data, including discretionary pay, which the chapter has received from the administration.  Motion was made, seconded, and passed that the chapter should ‘plan to disseminate salary information’ the next time it meets.  At that point, the folks present decided that the next chapter meeting would be on April 1st, since two weeks from this date was during Spring Break week.


B. Welker brought up the issue of departmental committees determining who in the department has a right to vote on departmental decisions, re: CBA, Article 10.3 (A) 2, which refers to employees of a department who are ‘eligible to vote in departmental/unit governance.”  Something else the chapter needs to keep on watch.





UFF/USF Chapter Meeting

April 1, 2005


In attendance: R. Weatherford, M. Klisch, S. Singh, W. S. Lang, L. Samet, S. Ramirez-Wohlmuth, B. Frank, J. Noonan, J. Cebulski, J. Futch Martin, B. Welker, G. McColm, N. J. Tyson, J. Morgan, P. Walker, B. Teets, M. Kaplan, S. Kinan, guest



No written agenda; this agenda adopted:


            Summer Assignments

            UFF Senate Meeting

            Standing Committee Reports

            Non-Tenured Faculty Group’s Report

            N. J. Tyson’s Guest/Al-Arian’s Situation

            S. Singh: “Institutional Issues”


Summer Assignments: M. Klisch reported on his meeting with P. Smith following the filing of a chapter grievance over the issue of summer assignments (as discussed during the last chapter meeting).  Smith rejected the grievance on the grounds that the chapter was not affected by the actions of the dean’s memorandum. There was much discussion on this, with the agreement of the group that R. Weatherford should email all faculty to alert them of this potential problem with summer assignments.


Non-Tenured Faculty Group’s Report:  M. Kaplan presented the group a final draft of the report to the group, ‘Career Benefits/Status for Non-Tenure Earning Faculty/Staff,’ outlining where the changes had been made.  She mentioned that most of the suggestions of the group had been incorporated into this document.  Motion was made and seconded to change the wording of the section on Criteria for Promotion, item 1, from ‘Above average evaluations in teaching (advising)…’ to ‘Satisfactory or above professional performance.’  Motion passed.


Guest Speaker: Sean Kinan:  N. J. Tyson’s guest, Sean Kinan, spoke to the conditions under which Professor Sami Al-Arian is having to prepare for his trial.  The main concern is the need to have the trial moved to another location in order for the proceedings to have any chance of being perceived as fair.  Mr. Kinan asked the chapter to deliver a statement requesting that Dr. Al-Arian be given a fair trial, even if that meant moving the trial out of Tampa or out of state, that said statement be sent to the Chronicle of Higher Education, and that the chapter send a representative to the trial, for at least the first day.  Mr. Kinan distributed informational materials to the group.  R. Weatherford then gave a short history of Al-Arian’s situation here at USF.

Motion was made and seconded that a representative of UFF/USF be sent to the legal proceedings of Dr. Sami Al-Arian, not being a spokesperson for the union.  Motion passed.  Another motion was made that UFF/USF issue a statement demanding a fair trial for Dr. Sami Al-Arian, even if the trial has to be moved out of state.  Motion passed.  N. J. Tyson stated that she would attend the trial as the chapter’s representative and that she would not be a spokesperson!


UFF Senate Meeting:  R. Weatherford distributed meeting materials to those present who were going to attend the meeting scheduled for the upcoming weekend.


Institutional Issues:  S. Singh wanted everyone to know that one’s salary cannot be attached except by court order.  This is a federal law, but apparently the administration does not know this.  They “cannot take anything out of your salary without your permission.”


Standing Committee Reports

            Treasurer:  Not present.  R. Weatherford reported that, “We have money.”

            Membership:  Chair not present.

            Newsletter:  G. McColm reported that the BiWeekly has gone out. The new spam filter may be causing some problems, especially with the College of Arts and Sciences.  He needs to complete a couple of articles before the actual newsletter itself will be published.

            R. Weatherford took this opportunity to announce that the Academic Bill of Rights had passed its first committee vote.  As Director of Higher Education for FEA (as well as representing both AAUP and AFT—which may be the first time in history someone has been able to do THAT!), he was able to speak against the bill in Tallahassee.

            Grievances:  The grievance chair had left the meeting at this point, but S. Singh mentioned that there were some individuals whose salaries are being attached without their permission.  This issue will be raised at the UFF Senate meeting this weekend.




UFF/USF Chapter Meeting

April 15, 2005


In attendance:  J. Cebulski, B. Frank, M. Klisch, K. de la Pena McCook, G. McColm, J. Noonan, S. Singh, L. Skrzypek, B. Welker, K. White, J. Wilkerson, S. Ramirez-Wohlmuth


No written agenda:  extended discussions of several subjects related to bargaining.


Summer courses.  There are several problems about summer school assignments.  The issue is the inequitable assignment of courses to cheaper personnel, rather than equitably to faculty in the unit.

     *  Assignment of courses to “staff” makes it difficult to determine if an assignment will be equitable before the session begins.

     *  Many problems are at the departmental level; it was noted that as St. Petersburg has no departments, problems occur at a higher level.

     *  Are there criteria for assignments?

Motion by K. White:  that summer assignments shall not be brought up at consultation; passed.


Non-tenured faculty task force.  They are on the agenda for the April 20 Faculty Senate meeting and are to speak to the Senate Ad Hoc committee on non-tenured faculty promotion, and to the Council of Deans.


Benefits.  There are several benefits that may appear in bargaining.


Minutes submitted April 15, 2005 by Greg McColm.






UFF/USF Chapter Meeting

April 29, 2005


In attendance:  Harriet Blymiller, Sherman Dorn, Barbara Frank, A. Hiba Hechiche, Mark Klisch, Greg McColm, J. D. Noonan, Steve Permuth, Arthur Shapiro, Surendra Singh, Roy Weatherford, Bob Welker, Sonia Ramirez Wohlmuth


1.  Agenda.  Approved.

2.  Membership project:  next year is to be the year of membership.  Sherman Dorn to be the Membership Chair.

3.  Summer meetings:  Summer meetings on payday Fridays starting at 1 pm at CDBs.

4.  Summer Assignment Grievance.  The Provost’s Office dismissed the summer assignment grievance as the Chapter itself was not harmed; but individual faculty members may grieve.  A grievance from St. Petersburg has been filed, involving a grievant displaced by a GA with no experience or training in the relevant course.  (The Senate is also concerned about this kind of situation.)

5.  Reports.

     A.  The treasurer reports that we have money.

     B.  There are many grievances: we are getting about one call every other day from St. Pete, whose administration is increasingly abusive.

     C.  The hardcopy newsletter is out; the biweekly will continue through the summer; a Biweekly Special will announce the summer time and place for meetings.

     D.  The membership campaign will get started this summer.

     E.  The teams are setting a time for bargaining, as well as making plans for setting up a mediation system.

     F.  Special business: there has been an on-line survey asking for evaluations of faculty, whose anonymity may be compromised.

6.  Chamber of Commerce.  The Chapter will renew its membership in the Chamber of Commerce.

7.  Other business.  FEA meeting next week.

8.  Good of the Order.  Chapter President Roy Weatherford gave an account of the situation at South Carolina, where the Legislature has just passed a law stating that all employees may be dismissed at will.  Colleges and universities were specifically denied an exemption.  This is part of a general pattern in the south.


Minutes submitted April 29, 2005 by Greg McColm







UFF/USF Chapter Meeting

May 27, 2005


In attendance: R. Weatherford, M. Klisch, W. S. Lang, S. Permuth, L. Samet, S. Ramirez-Wohlmuth, J. Noonan, J. Cebulski, J. Futch Martin, B. Welker, G. McColm, N. J. Tyson, M. Kaplan, J. Wilkerson, S. Dorn, H. Hechiche, J. Jreisat, J. Pynes.



No written agenda; this agenda adopted:


            Interim Chairs

            J. Inman


            Summer Grievances





Interim Chairs: 

            S. Permuth spoke to the issue of an interim chair of his department being selected without the knowledge of or any input from members of the department.  No one had met her.  Regardless of the status of the CBA, the university’s rules have been violated by this action. General agreement was to put this on the agenda for summer consultation.


J. Inman:

            The Dept. of English professor whose contract was not renewed has obtained employment elsewhere but has been harassed by a campaign to discredit him at his new institution, apparently spearheaded by USF-affiliated people.  There is an online petition that asks for the University of South Florida to abide by the AAUP guidelines for Renewal or Nonrenewal of Faculty Appointments.  Discussion on the petition, the AAUP, USF outside counsel and their tactics as well as what sort of role this UFF chapter should play in this AAUP-riddled arena, was followed by a motion to add the topic of “outside counsel” to the agenda for the next consultation. After further discussion, a friendly amendment was accepted to add, “with discretion of the UFF/USF President” as to whether or how the topic should actually be discussed at consultation.  This amended motion passed.

            A motion to add a link from the UFF/USF Bi-Weekly to the website where the petition resides online passed, with one nay vote.



            N. J. Tyson gave a somber report of the first day of jury selection in the Al-Arian trial.  The outlook for anything resembling a fair trial was dashed by what she saw and heard.  The courtroom venue is even too small to hold any of Al-Arian’s family members.


The ‘Summer’ Grievance:

            Step One is complete; the  greivance was denied.  The Step Two hearing was to take place Friday afternoon, May 27, 2005.  The main objection of the administration is a monetary one:  too expensive to only hire in-unit employees for summer.  P. Smith did send out a clarifying memo to the Tampa deans, and it seemed that the problem was solved on that campus.  The problem is widespread, however, on the St. Petersburg campus.  If the greivance is denied at Step Two, the UFF statewide steering committee will have to vote on whether or not to take it to arbitration.  Consensus is that it has to!



            The general counsels of the state universities have met to determine if the local boards of trustees have the authority to bargain locally. Therefore, USF has not wanted to being negotiating until this is resolved to their satisfaction.  The 2nd District Court of Appeals ruled that the contract did not expire with the devolution of the SUS and the BOR. USF was one of the only (if not the only) university to actually gain ground with local bargaining.  B. Welker pointed out that certain parts of the current contract that was bargained locally last year are only effective through June 30th!

            The proposed revision of the university’s policy on “Diversity and Equal Opportunity” was mentioned, with objection to the section stating that university employees must cooperate fully with any investigation, etc.  Who will define the term, “cooperate fully?”  Should this be bargained?

            “Shared governance” was also mentioned as a topic for the bargaining team to persue.  Also, since the courts have ruled in our favor on the continuation of the CBA two years ago, the university administration will owe the chapter for the release time, etc. not compensated at the time, due to their incorrect assertion that the contract had ‘expired.’

            Health care preumiums are probably going to continue to rise, and is a concern for the UFF/USF chief negotiator.  The 3.6% ATB raise approved by the legislature specifically includes university employees and faculty.  All other monies for salary will have to be bargained.



            Due to strange instances where faculty have been shifted from a faculty line to a visiting/adjunct line and therefore at a disadvantage to complain if desirous of attempting to gain tenure, it was generally agreed that someone from the chapter needs to learn the GEMS system and monitor such shifts in the future.  R. Weatherford agreed to take this under advisement.



            L. Samet and S. Dorn are working on a three-pronged, targeted approach to membership.  Unranked employees, new employees, and UFF faculty talking to their non-member peers are the 3 groups to be targeted.  This campaign will begin soon, to gear up in full swing for the fall.  S. Dorn also mentioned that work is being done on an online talking contract, utilizing MP3 technology to verbally interpret sections of the CBA.






UFF/USF Chapter Meeting

June 10, 2005


In attendance:  M. Klisch, S. Ramirez-Wohlmuth, J. Noonan, J. Futch Martin, B. Welker, G. McColm, K. de la P. McCook, S. Dorn, W. Calvin, A. Miranda, L. Menard, L. Kay, A. Shapiro, B. Frank.


No written agenda; this agenda adopted:


1.      Items for Consultation Agenda

2.      Classification of non-teaching, in-unit faculty into A & P and out of unit

3.      Adjuncts



Items were not discussed in order!



            K. McCook mentioned that although UFF/USF has a committee that is looking at the matter of non-tenured faculty, the topic of the University’s use of adjuncts remains a concern.  She moved that, “UFF/USF … establish an Adjunct Issues Task Force to report back to the body on these issues.”  After discussion, in which there was clarification that the issues would include the utilization, range of pay, employment and re-employment of adjuncts, the motion passed unanimously.  K. McCook, L. Kay will serve on the task force; S. Dorn and S. Ramirez-Wohlmuth agreed to offer assistance with data gathering.


Consultation Items:

           The following items were decided to be put on the consultation agenda:

1)      Access to salary data, including that of adjuncts

2)      Issue of consultation with departments concerning decisions affecting the departments, such as choice of interim chair

3)      Bargaining, unless the issue is settled by then

4)      Increase in health premiums?

5)      Reclassification of non-teaching, in-unit faculty into A & P classes and out of unit  [At this point in the meeting, this agenda item was thoroughly discussed.]

6)      Determination of which companies will offer optional insurance and other benefits; could UFF/USF have a voice?

7)      Domestic Partner Benefits Task Force?  What happened to it?

8)      Free Tuition for Families/Domestic Partners Task Force?  What happened to it?

9)      Issue of local mediators?  What happened to it?






            M. Klisch gave an update of the disposition of the ‘Summer Grievance’.  It would appear that the move by university administration would effectively take the issue of arbitration off the table.  There was discussion on another, recently filed grievance on the issue of academic freedom.



            G. McColm is looking for any volunteers who might wish to contribute 400 to 600 word articles for the UFF BiWeekly.  Articles of interest would include those on any pedogogical or union issue.  Just let him know if you are interested.



            S. Dorn announced that he would be contacting UFF/USF meeting attendees for appointment times to discuss membership!


SUBMITTED BY:  Jana Martin, June 13, 2005













UFF/USF Chapter Meeting

June 24, 2005


In attendance:  M. Klisch, S. Ramirez Wohlmuth, J. Noonan, J. Futch Martin, B. Welker, G. McColm, S. Dorn, A. Miranda, H. Hechiche, J. Wilkerson, S. Lang, R. Weatherford, H. Vanden


Adoption of the Agenda:  The agenda was adopted with the amendment to move Membership up to number 5.


Tampa Tribune Request:  There has been a request from a Tampa Tribune reporter to provide the results of the UFF survey last fall of the USF administration, particularly the provost’s and president’s offices.  After some discussion, a motion to deny release of the survey results was made and seconded. The motion carried unanimously.


Consultation Request:  R. Weatherford read aloud the memorandum requesting a time and date for consultation with President Genshaft for the summer, including the agenda items the chapter would like to discuss that were approved at the last chapter meeting.


Bargaining:  There is still a question in the minds of administration as to whether or not they are the bargaining agent for the university.  R. Weatherford related his experiences testifying in Tallahassee about a bill concerning the topic of bargaining agents for the state’s public universities.  What shall this chapter do to get the ball rolling?  A motion was made and seconded that the UFF/USF chapter president send a memorandum to the USF administration stating that no money for raises, other than the 3.6% across-the-board guaranteed by the legislature, can be distributed without being bargained with the United Faculty of Florida, USF chapter. The motion carried unanimously.


Membership:  S. Dorn related what the statewide membership initiative has been forced to focus on in the recent past.  First, the rights of union members had to be saved from the attack that ensued from the devolution of the Board of Regents.  Attention then needed to be paid to the bargaining processes that were taking place throughout the state.  It is only now that the statewide leadership can focus on increasing membership. 

Dorn has three areas of approach for membership at the chapter level.  He asked the chapter leadership present at the meeting to talk with ten of their colleagues about membership in UFF—by the end of Fall Semester.  Secondly, he announced that he would be asking the chapter to approve funds for budgeting a membership rebate program that will be established—details to follow.  He would also like to set up some meetings with active members, including those present, to discuss membership strategies at various times throughout the summer and fall semesters.

Summer Salaries:  S. Dorn has uncovered some disturbing salary figures for at least ten in-unit faculty who are receiving adjunct-level pay for summer.  There is some question as to the status of some of the faculty, whether visiting or not.  There was discussion on what the chapter should do about this issue.  A motion was made and seconded that the chapter find out if those affected are permanent, in-unit employees, and if so, then the chapter should seek guidance from counsel as to the advisability of an Unfair Labor Practice or a grievance.  The motion carried unanimously.


Committee Reports:

            Treasurer:  The chapter has money.

            Grievances:  There was a successful outcome of the grievance that was filed over summer assignment/pay.

            Newsletter:  Work continues on the next Bi-Weekly. The renovation of the chapter webpages is progress and should be completed by the start of Fall Semester.

            Bargaining:  This was covered earlier in the meeting.


Other Business: 

            M. Klisch mentioned that there has been some messing with administrative classification codes.  R. Weatherford announced today’s receipt of a memorandum from the provost’s office announcing the change of one of the faculty lines in the Tampa Library to that of an out-of-unit faculty administrator.  No one present could remember the change of an out-of-unit position to that of an in-unit one in the history of collective bargaining at USF.


Good of the Order:

            B. Welker mentioned that today was Bring Your Dog to Work Day, and related a charming anecdote.

            R. Weatherford gave an update on the hiring process at the state office in Tallahassee.  It is expected that S. Weinberger will have assistance soon!



Submitted by Jana Futch Martin, Secretary, June 28, 2005






UFF Meeting – Friday, July 8, 2005



Jim Cebulski

Hiba Hechiche

Steve Lang

Jana Martin

Art Shapiro

Bob welker

Judy Wilkerson

Sonia Ramírez Wohlmuth


Agenda adopted: Moved by Art Shapiro and seconded by Judy Wilkerson


Added to Agenda: Steve Lang, discussion of recent dismissals at USF - St Pete


Steve Lang: Discussed with faculty who were eligible to file grievances re summer salary issues.  Most untenured faculty are afraid to field grievances because of fear of retaliation.  It seems that such fears are not unfounded because two untenured faculty were recently told that their contracts for 2005-2006 would be terminal.  In the College of Education their is an unfavorable ratio of tenured (5 faculty members) to untenured (17-18 faculty members) faculty members that creates fertile ground for rule by intimidation.


Art Shapiro moved that the situation on regional campuses, i.e. St. Pete, be added to items slated for upcoming consultation.  Steve Lang seconded.


Bob Welker noted in discussion that recipients of a notice of termination can request a reason for the termination within 20 days of receipt of notice.


File motion: Items slated for consultation should include the following concerns:

1) summary dismissals at regional campuses

2) hiring of less qualified candidates (e.g. ABD) over internal candidates (largely female)

3) representation of the interests of regional campuses through USF senate or other representative body*


*NOTE: In discussion it was suggested that perhaps Steve Permuth could investigate who principles of shared governance and faculty senate apply to regionals.



Bob Welker reported that grievances regarding summer school pay can only be filed on an individual basis but not as a union grievance on behalf of its membership (according to Phil Smith)


Bob Welker reported that Mark Klisch has won his grievance with regard to unwarranted restitution of “unauthorized” release time.


Bob Welker reported on the following issues:


Benefits – Both UF and FIU have taken steps toward non-spousal benefits.  UF has issued a RFP for insurance coverage.  FIU has issued a policy for an additional insurance stipend to cover the recipient non spouse.  Employees must apply for such coverage; upon approval, FIU issues a stipend to cover the additional cost.


Salaries – USF-UFF is currently seeking information on off-cycle salary compensation.


Grievances – Both parties must submit list of arbitrators.


Mediation – FIU Labor Center may be viewed as a mdel program.


Copies of new contract – hard copy and disks will be available for distribution in late August


Amendment of duration – The BOTs are still the official bargaining agents


Loose ends to be covered in this year’s negotiations:

  • Sabbatical leave
  • Overload pay
  • Notification of salary increases
  • Non spousal benefits
  • Free tuition for immediate family members
  • Merit pay
  • Access to complete information through GEMS and/or InfoMart


Submitted by Sonia Wohlmuth, Secretary, July 11, 2005




UFF/USF Chapter Meeting

July 22, 2005


In attendance:  M. Klisch, S. Ramirez Wohlmuth, J. Futch Martin, B. Welker, S. Dorn, H. Hechiche, J. Wilkerson, S. Lang, R. Weatherford, B. Frank, B. Calvin, S. Permuth, K. McCook, A. Shapiro, L. Kay


Adoption of the Agenda:  The agenda was adopted with the change to move Membership up to number 2.5.


Membership:  S. Dorn distributed copies of the USF Chapter 2005-06 Proposed Budget.  A motion to adopt the budget was made and seconded.  The motion passed unanimously.  S. Dorn then discussed the implementation for luncheons for members the week before classes start, to train and assist in helping to recruit new members.  He will be distributing calling lists and ‘talking points’ to those who need them.


Employee Reclassification:  Apparently during the period after January 7, 2003 when the University decreed the CBA was no longer in force, the classification numbers of non-ranked employees (counselors, etc.) were changed to out-of-unit.  This was not noticed until recent receipt of new contracts.  M. Klisch has asked university administration for information on all such reclassifications since January 7, 2003.  After some discussion of this very serious topic, a motion was made to authorize the chapter president to request assistance from the state office in the filing of an unfair labor practice over this issue of reclassification without notification.  The motion passed unanimously.  There was further discussion on UFF’s need to assert its right and that of affected individuals to be compensated for the release time that was denied during this same time period.


Consultation Request:  This has been delayed by the administration and R. Weatherford chose a new date.  It will be on Thursday, August 11 at 2 p.m.


Bargaining:  On Friday, July 29th at 2 p.m. bargaining will officially begin.  The team will meet with administration’s team in the Allen Administration Building.


UFF Update:  The next issue of this is in the works and will be coming soon.


Lawyers for Members:  Information on this and other member benefits can be found on the AFT website, under AFT Plus Member Benefits—Discounts and Services.  See:   http://www.aft.org/index.htm


Next Meeting:  After some discussion on the topic, a motion was moved, seconded and passed to have the next UFF/USF meeting on August 26th, and for the fall semester meetings to continue on non-payday Fridays, on campus.  The August 26th meeting is to tie-in with the luncheons for the membership impetus during that same week. 


a.       Treasurer:  made earlier in the meeting

b.      Grievances:  the academic freedom grievance, with ties to computing use, blogs, etc. on campus, is still in the works.

c.       Newsletter:  G. McColm is still out of town.  S. Dorn is working on this.

d.      Membership:  although this was moved to earlier in the meeting, L. Kay mentioned that there is still a problem with the online form for Nursing folks

e.       Chamber of Commerce:  R. Weatherford said he would be able to go to the July membership lunch.  He reiterated that it is good politically for the chapter to be a member of this, so that the business community will know who we are and therefore be more likely to be behind funding for higher education.  Judy Genshaft has done a very good job in this arena as well; she has gotten this community behind the University.


Other Business:

            K. McCook read a motion, which was seconded, concerning the Hillsborough County Commission’s policy vis-ŕ-vis gay pride.  After undergoing a revision of the deletion of one word, the following was passed with one nay vote:

“The United Faculty of Florida, USF Chapter, finds the Hillsborough Board of County Commissioners’ policy against GAY PRIDE in its libraries and other facilities to be a demonstration of discrimination and we urge this policy be rescinded.  This resolution is to be transmitted to the BOCC members, the state UFF, the St. Petersburg Times and the Tampa Tribune.”


Good of the Order:  There being none, the meeting adjourned.


Submitted by Jana Futch Martin, Secretary, June 28, 2005