Minutes for Meetings 2001-2002

October 19, 2001

In Attendance: J. Futch, F. Zerla, B. Welker, S. Singh, G. McColm, R. Weatherford, N. Tyson, B. Barnett, G. Paveza, P. Olsen, C. Hall, H. Vanden.

Agenda adopted.

M. Klisch reported on grievance resolved by mediation at USF.

B. Welker reported on bargaining, and on what issues UFF has raised with FBOE.

The next newsletter will emphasize academic freedom.

Report on latest BOT meeting. Emphasis was on tuition.

Report on AFT/NEA organizing drive to start in January and run 18 months.

Report on progress on statement on academic freedom.

New Business:

N. Tyson has copies of the BOR/constitutional petitions

Discussion of UFF Senate Meeting next weekend.


Submitted by M. Doherty, Secretary August 12, 2002, based upon notes taken by Jana Futch

November 16, 2001

n Attendance: J. Futch, F. Zerla, E. Metzger, B. Welker, S. Singh, G. McColm, R. Weatherford, A. Shapiro, N. Tyson.

Agenda adopted.

F. Zerla reported $2600 in treasury. Fall check not in yet.

A joint committee will review change of grade grievance. Provost is ultimate authority.

B. Welker reported on bargaining. Summer school issue up in air.

G. McColm will get a course release for next semester. He brought in preview of next issue. Discussion of AFT organization drive and of a handout giving membership percentage. Will be 18-month campaign. Discussion of Graham amendment and of possibility of bill introduced in Special Legislative Session allowing firing of tenured professors.

Discussion of Central Labor Council's food drive. S. Singh moved the chapter contribute $200. Passed unanimously. There will be a Teamster's picket line at Group Technologies (a local business)

Discussion of USF's policy on assignment of summer teaching to adjuncts rather than regular faculty. No policy on it. A consultation is needed before promulgation of any new rule. Discussion of issue that tenure and promotion criteria are supposed to be the same. How can tenure be granted but promotion deferred. R. Weatheford will look at issue.

Question raised, who is UFF representative on Visions and Values Task Force?


Submitted by M. Doherty, Secretary July 7, 2002, based upon notes taken by Jana Futch

November 30, 2001

In Attendance: G. Paveza, M. Klisch, R. Weatherford, S. Singh, B. Welker, M. Doherty, H. Vanden, B. Barnett, S. Dorn, F. Zerla

No Agenda

F. Zerla reported $1375.71 in treasury. The fall check from UFF is in process.

G. McColm reported another issue of newsletter is in mail. Next one will be out in January.

R. Weatherford reported on organizing drive. There will be one professional organizer for state, and another employee for each university. He also reported on his speech to faculty senate about an executive order by Governor Bush, and that he will decline another invitation to appear on the O'Reilly program.

M. Klisch reported on mediation of College of Education issue with Richard Taylor as mediator. There are two new grievances one on discipline another on salary notification.

B. Welker reported on bargaining new six-month contract.

The December 14 meeting will be last of semester.


Submitted by M. Doherty, Secretary, July 20, 2002

December 14, 2001

n Attendance: M. Doherty, B. Welker, S. Dorn, M. Klisch, G. McColm, R. Weatherford, H. Hechiche, J. Travers, R. Welker, F. Zerla, H. Vanden

H. Vanden added Dr. Al-Arian as agenda item 5A.

F. Zerla reported fall rebate came in treasury at $5729.26.

M. Klisch repoted two grievances in process.

B. Welker reported UFF asking for 3.4% cost of living and 1.6% departmental merit and promotions.

G. McColm reported another issue of newsletter out; January newsletter will be on membership.

There was request for a volunteer to meet with legislators who filed Abolition of Tenure Bill.

There was a discussion of Council of Deans recommendation that faculty teach one course in summer. Chapter will send letter expressing concern about lack of consultation and ask for consultation with Provost.

There was a consensus to request clarification from USF on whether Dr. Al-Arian is coming back in January. There was a discussion as to whether he could teach via distance education.


Submitted by M. Doherty May 1, 2002

January 10, 2002, 6-8pm

It was moved and approved to let a retired member participate.

Roy Weatherford convened the meeting and raised the issue of granting access to the meeting to the press. G. Paveza moved to let the press attend the full meeting. The motion was defeated. R. Weatherford raised the second issue of an agenda for the meeting. N. Anderson moved to restrict the agenda to the issue of Dr. Al-Arian. There was a friendly amendment to add the response of the UFF USF chapter. The main motion passed.

R. Weatherford made an announcement about the upcoming membership organizing campaign. Tom Auxter, the statewide UFF President made a statement about the political situation and academics in Florida, giving a wider view of the climate. He asked the USF Chapter, if they wished to, to provide resolutions on the agenda issue, dividing them into objections to the university's actions, specifying what was wrong with those actions, and stating what the chapter intended to do. President Auxter will take any resolutions to UFF's affiliates to ask for assistance.

Faculty Senate President G. Paveza referred to a comment by the Provost that USF should look at the Collective Bargaining Agreement, and to the request by the Dean of the Medical College for a poll of his faculty senators as to how they had voted on the Faculty Senate resolution to support Dr. Al-Arian's termination.

R. Weatherford thanked the faculty who worked on a mailing done over the break. S. Dorn made a motion to limit each speaker to one minute of remarks on any motion. Motion passed.

J. Wall moved that "the USF Chapter of UFF objects to the actions of the USF Board of Trustees and the USF President in initiating the termination of Dr. Sami Al-Arian" The motion passed with one abstention after an amendment was withdrawn.

It was moved that "the USF Chapter of UFF objects to the USF President taking action

without consulting with appropriate faculty groups" This was amended to name the groups and make the resolution "The USF Chapter of UFF objects to the USF President taking action without consulting with appropriate faculty groups, particularly the faculty union and the faculty senate" The motion passed as amended.

S. Singh moved that " The USF Chapter of UFF strongly recommends to the UFF Office to provide resources to defend Professor Al-Arian" The main motion passed unanimously.

M. Gibbons moved that "UFF finds it repugnant to academic freedom and to principles of freedom of speech that faculty are held accountable for responses of third parties over whose behavior they have no control, particularly alleged threats to disrupt the university by violence or threats to withhold donations" The final language of the motion reflects amendments by J. Noonan. Motion passed. A later amendment to change the language on academic freedom and principles of freedom of speech to "common decency" did not pass.

There was a motion to extend the meeting by 30 minutes, which was passed.

B. Welker moved that " The Actions and activities of Dr. Al-Arian did not constitute misconduct, conflict of interest, or breach of academic responsibility pursuant to the terms of the collective bargaining agreement" The motion passed.

There was a motion to file a chapter grievance. After debate the motion was withdrawn.

B. Barnet moved that the "USF UFF Chapter meet on weekly basis for the duration of the

spring semester" The motion was defeated.

It was moved and approved to extend the meeting for fifteen more minutes.

S. Dorn moved that "Much of the rationale of USF for problems on campus is pretextual

in nature" The motion was withdrawn.

B. Barnet moved that "We view the Administration's deliberate exaggeration of the

seriousness of campus death threats as an attempt to intimidate the faculty through fear"

The second part of the motion requested that UFF be granted access to police reports on

the issue. The motion was amended to exclude the sentence on police reports. The main

motion was defeated 10 for, 20 against.

There was a motion in support of the actions of Elizabeth Bird. The motion passed

without opposition.

The meeting was adjourned.

Submitted by M. Doherty, Chapter Secretary, January 10, 2002

January 25, 2002

In Attendance: S. Singh, H. Vanden, N. Tyson, M. Doherty, B. Welker, N. Anderson, M. Klisch, R. Weatherford, F. Zerla, A.Shapiro, W. Stavig, F. Ottanelli, J. McKiernan-Gonzalez, P. Levy, C. Hall, G. Benadusi, B.Ingalls, A. Wolfe, S. Greenbaum, S. Permuth, G. McColm, H. Hechiche

F. Zerla announced that there is more than $4000 in chapter treasury. The chapter needs a new fax and other equipment.

B. Welker discussed possible extension of contract to June 2003. UFF asking Special Master for average raise in American universities last year. It is likely that UFF and BOT will be bargaining next year.

M. Klisch reported that the number of disciplinary actions increasing.

G. McColm reported that another issue of newsletter is out. The next issue will have articles on impasse and Graham initiative. N. Tyson reported on the Graham initiative

There was a discussion of the impact of the possible adoption of AAUP language on academic freedom by USF, including proposed committee on faculty discipline in Faculty Senate.

H. Vanden proposed setting up a small committee for rapid response and to handle UFF's involvement on the Al-Arian issue. N. Tyson volunteered to organize it and G. McColm, H. Vanden, M. Doherty, F. Ottanelli volunteered to serve. There was further discussion as to how UFF should respond to USF's decision on Dr. Al-Arian, and on implications of accepting AAUP language.


Submitted by M. Doherty, Secretary July 15, 2002

February 8, 2002

In Attendance: T. Noner, M. Doherty, A. Shapiro, S. Dorn, N. Anderson, M. Klisch, G. McColm, R. Weatherford, S. Singh, N. Tyson, H. Vanden, E. Ford

B. Welker passed out material on court cases related to collegiality, reported that Special Masters Report not out yet. He was given a round of applause for his service to chapter.

Agenda adopted.

F. Zerla reported $3823 in treasury; chapter has spent $1000 on AL-Arian issues.

M. Klisch reported on a Step one meeting where a committee investigating faculty misconduct did not meet with faculty member.

There was a discussion of AAUP Guidelines. UFF attorneys are comparing them to CBA.

M. Klisch reported that the Dance Education and Art Education programs have been suspended on way to termination. He will meet with faculty.

R Weatherford reported that UFF will have spot on agenda at March BOT meeting. Need to decide on tone and message. First locally bargained contract crucial, it will be benchmark.

G. McColm reported newsletter issues include Graham initiative, bargaining, legislature and link to Al-Arian website.

R. Weatherford discussed membership drive and AFT funded organizer, Norm Holtsinger.

The New York Times article was republished by UFF in the Oracle. The Al-Arian website is at http://w3.usf.edu/~uff/AlArian/Links.html in progress The AAUP investigation will occur in early march.

R. Weatherford reported on likelihood that state UFF will endorse Bill McBride.


Submitted by M. Doherty, May 1, 2002

February 22, 2002

In Attendance: H. Hechiche, L. Bird, F. Zerla, S. Singh, B.Barnett, A Shapiro, S. Greenbaum, G. McColm, J. Nettleton, R. Weatherford, M. Doherty

Chapter election results must be reported by March 28. S. Singh was nominated and unanimously elected as Election Chair. There was a discussion as to whether Senators shoould be elected by precinct and about need to have senator election establish who FEA Resident Assembly attendees will be.

S. Singh proposed the following timeline: An open nomination process will close March 8 at 1PM. Ballots will be mailed March 10 and must be returned by March 24.

There was a motion to conduct the chapter elections with open nominations, by secret ballot, and to elect all Senators from a single university-wide precinct. FEA Resident Assembly attendees will be the Senators who receive the highest number of votes. Passed.

R. Weatherford will meet with St Petersburg faculty on March 5.

B. Welker discussed salary impasse and special master recommendations.

It was suggested that summer course hiring and program cutbacks could be Consultation topics.

J. Nettleton announced trainer coming in for membership drive.

S. Greenbaum discussed membership drive.

There was a discussion of Al-Arian news stories. G. McColm suggested the union issue a statement on due process, and requested news items of things that faculty did to reassure students after 9-11.

The O'Neil Academic Freedom Forum will be half paid for by UFF. There was a discussion of how UFF should structure its presentation to visiting AAUP team on March 15-16.

F. Zerla reported on academic freedom/Al-Arian issue expenditures of over $4000, including newsletters. R. Weatherford will request funding from state affiliates, and S. Singh proposed requesting a shifting of funds from a contract enforcement committee fund.


Submitted by M. Doherty, Secretary May 1, 2002

March 8, 2002

In Attendance: B. Barnet, N. Tyson, F. Zerla, J. Noonan, C. Hall, S. Singh, M. Doherty, B. Welker, S. Dorn, N. Anderson, M. Klisch, G. McColm, J. Nettleton, J. Kaywell

M. Klisch chaired meeting.

F. Zerla reported $528 in treasury, Spring rebate from UFF not in yet.

S. Singh moved that the Chapter request statewide UFF make provisions to reimburse chapter for exceptional costs of defending academic freedom issues. Motion passed unanimously.

Mark Klisch reported there is a grievance concerning a mandatory medical evaluation.

B. Welker discussed UFF's response to Special Master's report.

G. McColm reported on O'Neil lecture turnout, Al-Arian website, newsletter on discipline issues.

S. Greenbaum reported on membership. UFF needs 30 stewards and sets of arguments and data on job conditions.

. J. Nettleton introduced herself; she is the UFF/NEA funded employee working on membership drive.

A paper on the issues for the AAUP visit was distributed.

The nominees for the chapter elections are:

President: Roy Weatherford

Vice President: Mark Klisch

Secretary: Margaret Doherty

Treasurer: Fred Zerla

Senators: A. Shapiro, M. Klisch, B. Welker, G.McColm, N. Tyson, N. Anderson, S. Singh

Top three vote getters among senators will go to FEA Resident Assembly.

S. Dorn reported on faculty committee on discipline discussions.

J. Kaywell raised issue concerning faculty freedom to speak on professional issues. B. Welker discussed issue of reporting requirements for use of USF authored textbooks.


Submitted by M. Doherty, Secretary, May 1, 2002

March 22, 2002

n Attendance: J. Noonan, S. Singh, K. McCook, H. Vanden, N. Tyson, M. Doherty, B. Welker, S. Dorn, N. Anderson, G. McColm, H. Hechiche, M. Klisch, R. Weatherford, B. Barnet, S. Greenbaum

Report on R. Weatherford's presentation to BOT, and on the AAUP visit concerning Dr. Al-Arian.

There was a motion by B. Barnet and H. Vanden that UFF/NEA leaders should make public statements of support in Tampa for due process and academic freedom. Motion passed unanimously.

R. Weatherford announced arrival of Spring UFF subsidy and that AAUP has queried as to whether there is a pattern of abuses of academic freedom at USF.

S. Singh has asked all UFF grievance chairs to report on their grievances over the last six months.

B. Welker reported UFF filed an unfair labor practice against state BOE.

The newsletter issue covers bargaining, grievances, election results.

S. Greenbaum reported on membership.

The next academic freedom forum will be on Johns Committee. The spring consultation issues will be summer school teaching, Dance Education and Art Education, and St Petersburg campus issues (teaching loads and evaluation)

S. Singh reported on election. The guidelines were followed. There were no contested union offices. The following candidates were elected:

President: Roy Weatherford

Vice President: Mark Klisch

Secretary: Margaret Doherty

Treasurer: Fred Zerla

Senators: A. Shapiro, M. Klisch, B. Welker, G. McColm, N. Tyson, N. Anderson, S. Singh

Ballots will be counted March 29th at 10 AM at UFF office and well establish who the FEA RA delegates will be (Top three vote getters among Senators) There was a discussion of changing to a Nominating Committee and Election Committee structure.

There was a motion to nominate R. Johns, S. Greenbaum, H. Vanden, and F. Ottanelli as Alternate Senators. Motion passed. This action makes them members of Chapter Council.

S. Singh discussed need for revision of chapter constitution in light of local bargaining. Recommended electing a constitutional revision committee. There was a motion to work on the revision of the constitution until the next chapter election. Motion passed. At next meeting committee will be elected.


Submitted by M. Doherty May 1, 2002

April 5, 2002

In Attendance: S. Singh, H. Hechiche, H. Vanden, F. Zerla, N. Tyson, L. Bird, K. McCook, M Doherty, B. Welker, S. Dorn, N. Anderson, S. Greenbaum, M. Klisch, G. McColm,R. Weatherford

F. Zerla reported the arrival of spring rebate and gave detailed account of expenditures. There is $684 in treasury.

M. Klisch reported no new grievances, two in process at step 1; one has gone on to step 2. There was a discussion of stewards' role in grievance process.

S. Greenbaum reported that steward training has been delayed.

B. Welker reported that bargaining is still at impasse.

There was a decision to meet throughout the summer.

The consultation with President Genshaft on Thursday at 3PM will deal with summer teaching assignments, the Dance Department, and the concerns of the St Petersburg faculty.

There was a discussion about impact of no longer being state employees on benefits.

There was a discussion as to whether UFF should restructure itself as an association of local unions. Issue will be discussed at Chapter President Meeting. Consensus is not to restructure.

G. McColm reported on planning for the third faculty forum.

There was a discussion as to how strong the chapter's participation in McBride campaign should be, and an off campus faculty fundraiser was suggested.

It was decided not to have a UFF table at the Nader SunDome event.

S. Singh did a survey of university grievances-USF only chapter to have 13 grievances within time period.

There was a discussion about what is blocking faculty committee on discipline. UFF leaders working on joint statement on Al-Arian

R. Weatherford will propose language to Chapter Presidents that chapters be permitted but not required to elect senators by precinct.

S. Dorn moved that chapter ask affiliates to defray costs providing $6000 over six months. H. Vanden offered a friendly amendment asking for up to $10,000. Friendly amendment and then amended main motion passed unanimously.


Submitted by M. Doherty, Secretary, May 1, 2002

April 19, 2002

In Attendance: A. Wolfe, S. Singh, N. Tyson, B. Haley, M. Doherty, B. Welker, A. Shapiro, S. Dorn, S. Greenbaum, M. Klisch, G. McColm, J. Martin, R. Weatherford

M. Klisch called meeting to order.

Art Shapiro and other attendees reported on Consultation with President Genshaft. One of topics was assignment of summer courses.

R. Weatherford has asked the Chapter Treasurer to calculate the Al-Arian and academic freedom expenses. The Academic Freedom lecture fund is at $70.

S. Greenbaum reported there are 18 new members. There will be steward training on April 30, 4-6, Soc 307.

The third faculty forum will be Thursday at 4PM.

The Partners Rights Coalition has contacted G. McColm about their plans to get city policies changed. Does UFF have a position on partner rights? S. Dorn moved that chapter join with coalition to give Chapter President authority to endorse any measures as they see fit regarding this. Motion passed.

Membership organizing funding now open ended (not 18 months only)

B. Welker reported on bargaining, on whether there will be a guaranteed minimum and merit.

R. Weatherford reported that the reorganizing of UFF is on hold until university governance structure stabilizes.

S. Singh discussed issue regarding full salary or adjunct rate of pay for New College faculty that teach at USF.

There will be a bargaining training session in August or September and a survey to faculty prior to that to solicit views.

There will be a memo to the Provost on one issue as a follow up to the consultation.

Senate attendees: B. Welker, S. Singh, M. Klisch, A. Shapiro, Resident Assembly: S. Singh.


Submitted by M. Doherty, Secretary, May 1, 2002

May 3, 2002

In Attendance: K. McCook, S. Singh, H. Hechiche, F. Zerla, N. Tyson, B. Welker, M. Doherty, B. Welker, S. Dorn, G. McColm, J. Nettleton, J. Martin.

Meeting chaired by S. Singh.

F. Zerla reported that the chapter has received a check from our affiliates for $6000.

B. Welker reported on potential salary proposals and unfair labor practice hearing.

J. Nettleton reported that since February 2nd there have been 44 new members. She explained "summer sale" that will not charge new members dues till August. Chapter receiving $50 per each new member from state organization. There was consensus to designate that money for membership and to continue membership drive past closing date. The chapter will pay $10 per lunch for recruiter and prospective member.

G. McColm reported there would be no newsletter this summer unless there are developments. The Bi-weekly will continue. S. Dorn will assist over summer with web page.

There was a report on the third academic freedom forum and agreement that it needed better publicity.

There was a discussion as to how chapter should respond to developments in the Al-Arian situation. Attendees will bring Al-Arian fliers and the Q&A to statewide UFF Senate.

F. Zerla will review membership grants since 1999 to calculate how much money is available for membership drive.

EDU 219 reserved until July 15th for chapter meetings.


Submitted by M. Doherty, Secretary, June 8, 2002

May 17, 2002

In Attendance: L. Bird, F. Zerla, B. Morris, H. Hechiche, N. Tyson, M. Doherty, B. Welker, S. Dorn, N. Anderson, S. Greenbaum, M. Klisch, G. McColm, R. Weatherford

M. Klisch moved that the chapter request a consultation on the modem access issue. Motion passes.

S. Dorn proposed additional issue on how promotion packet works and its exclusions of evaluations other than student evaluations. Motion tabled.

R. Weatherford reported on his involvement with Commitment 2002, the Hillsborough Pinellas Rally for Education on June 1st, Derby Lane, 8:30 AM, the July 22-25th Summer Conference at Innisbrook. N. Tyson will represent chapter at FEA Political Campaign Committee for Hillsborough County. S. Romeo's campaign kickoff will me May 21, 5-7.

S. Greenbaum reported on the membership drive meeting held on Tuesday May 14th.

F. Zerla reported that $6000 from state UFF deposited in account, as of May 3rd treasury at $6720. Next two chapter membership meetings paid for.

M. Klisch reported that UFF has filed 13 grievances in past 6 months. Two are in process, one denied at step 2.

There was discussion of the School Code revision, which will change USF employee status to employees of the BOT in January.

B. Welker reported on salary negotiations and on prospects for funding promotions.

S. Greenbaum moved that UFF fund $100 worth of tickets to July 26th "Labor Day" at the Tropicana baseball game. Motion passed.

There was consensus that importance of funding faculty promotions be conveyed in writing to President Genshaft.

The Newsletter due out before fall semester.


Submitted June 8, 2002 by M. Doherty, Secretary

May 31, 2002

In Attendance: M. Doherty, B. Welker, A. Shapiro, S. Permuth, S. Dorn, N. Anderson, S. Greenbaum, M. Klisch, G. McColm, J. Nettleton, Anna Bass, J. Martin, R. Weatherford

Agenda Adopted

There was an announcement that the consultation on the modem access issue has been deferred as University is working out solution.

G. McColm made a motion to adopt the Commitment 2002 Resolutions (State UFF has already adopted them) Motion passed unanimously.

S. Greenbaum reported on organizing drive and proposed position papers on the 1% question and Why Union Defends People. She requested list of grievance officers.

R. Weatherford said more neutral umpires (mainly retired faculty) needed for list.

There was a discussion of today's (May 31) Legislative Update from President Genshaft.

S. Greenbaum proposed having a "raise" party in October.

S. Dorn moved that affiliates at state level document the USF UFF Chapter's increased members, percent of increase, and provide an accounting of new member rebates from the state office. Passed.

B. Barnet will add officers to stewards e-mail list.

Although the Treasurer was not at the meeting, R. Weatherford gave assurance that chapter is in good shape financially.

M. Klisch reported two new tenure grievances having to do with flaws in the process.

S. Permuth suggested that personal experiences with grievance process could be used as recruiting tool.

B. Welker reported USF UFF now officially required to bargain with Board of Trustees. Chapter will send letter to University urging them to award raises at earliest opportunity before there might be changes at the state level.

There was a question raised as to whether the $1000 bonuses have been distributed.

G. McColm queried chapter as to whether Al-Arian website issues pages should be generic or signed. Consensus is generic. It is unlikely there will be much Al-Arian or bi-weekly news over summer.

G. McColm suggested a system of "Flash Surveys" be developed as an alternative to the ad hoc efforts on the modem access issue.

S. Dorn proposed distributing a July 26th Devil Rays "Labor Day at the Tropicana" baseball game ticket to new members and their recruiters between now and July 26th as an incentive. Passed unanimously.


Submitted by M. Doherty, Secretary, June 8, 2002

June 14, 2002

No agenda.

M. Klisch chaired meeting. He reported two grievances in process, one on promotion and tenure and the other on merit pay. Discussion of future of Step 2 process, and on funding for this year's promotions.

B. Welker reported on bargaining. UNF Chapter making an issue of the recent bonuses in spite of fact they were not article 23 salary money. Further discussion of the unfair labor practice, impact on this year's salary increases, and whether contract will be extended past January 2003.

G. McColm collecting information for next newsletter, Jodi Nettleton reported on Steward's meetings, upcoming training, and organizing campaign. Discussion of developments on Al-Arian issue.


Submitted on July 19, 2002 by M. Doherty, Secretary, based on notes taken by J. Futch

July 12, 2002

In Attendance: J. McKiernan-Gonzalez, G. Paveza, N. Anderson, J. Martin, L. Kay, H. Hechiche, A. Shapiro, S. Permuth, M. Klisch, S. Greenbaum, L. Geiger, R. Weatherford, S. Singh, B. Welker, M. Doherty

No agenda. Issues from floor include SUS teaching evaluations and question on possible funding of librarian award.

M. Klisch raised issue of zero funding of Employee Assistance Program, suggested chapter address as change of condition of employment without consultation.

R. Weatherford reported treasury in good condition thanks to assistance from state UFF. Our affiliates will also be putting out a mailing this summer supporting endorsed candidates. SUS may get a full time membership organizer from NEA.

M. Klisch announced two settlements, on promotion and tenure and on merit pay. USF wants to publicize the promotion and tenure settlement as an example of cooperation with UFF. The grievant is in favor of it. A. Shapiro moved that the chapter promote this grievance as example of cooperation. Motion passed unanimously. M. Klisch will write up for newsletter.

B. Welker reviewed history of this year's bargaining. Question as to whether salary appropriation will remain if state's impasse actions are illegal. L. Geiger, the Executive Director of UFF, reviewed the bargaining, change from being state employees to public employees, and the fact that there are no models for this kind of change. Important to have contract even if salaries go into effect without it. Discussion of health insurance (not changing) and retirement. Even if Graham amendment passes it will not change events in Spring 2003.

There will be steward training on August 20. Grievance training date not set. Goal is to increase pool of certified grievance representatives.

SUS teaching evaluation is mandatory through January 7, but SUS is responsible for reliability and validity of its data. R. Weatherford discussed Provost's actions on modem access issue.

M. Klisch made a motion to bring the EAP situation to the Provost's or President's attention. Passed unanimously.

S. Singh raised the European Boycott of Israel. S. Dorn will probably draft a motion for the next chapter meeting. Discussion. Issue will be on agenda for July 26 meeting.


Submitted by M. Doherty, Secretary, July 14, 2002

July 26, 2002

In Attendance: J. McKiernan-Gonzalez, M. Klisch, S. Greenbaum, R. Weatherford, B. Welker, M. Doherty, N.Tyson, S. Dorn, T. Auxter, A. Wolfe, M. Gibbons, F. Zerla, G. McColm

The European Boycott of Israel was added as agenda item 7B. Agenda adopted.

T. Auxter, Statewide UFF President spoke on organizing campaign, creation of legislative agenda, and of the high faculty productivity in Florida and low compensation for it. Discussed salary remedies, formation of a delegation of faculty from each campus to talk to legislators, and possibility of two tier bargaining. A UFF report on faculty productivity should eventually be available on the State of Florida 's Council for Educational Policy Research website at http://www.cepri.state.fl.us/ There will be a UFF Senate Meeting September 28.

R. Weatherford announced that date for Employee Assistance Program (EAP) consultation not set, and reported on Commitment 2002 and on FEA activities in regards to candidate Bill McBride.

S. Greenbaum reported on organizing drive. Next stewards' meeting is August 7. There was discussion about applying for a $500 recruiting grant. S. Dorn suggested it would be helpful to organizing to have the local bargaining team in place and to concentrate on no more than three issues per college.

S. Dorn then moved " Resolved that the USF chapter of the United Faculty of Florida regards itself as the independent voice of faculty and related professionals at USF." During the discussion A. Wolfe proposed an amendment to the main motion that the word "independent" be deleted. S. Dorn moved to close debate on both the amendment and the main motion. His motion failed, and discussion on the amendment continued. At the close of debate the amendment deleting "independent" passed. J. McKiernan-Gonzalez proposed to amend the resolution by substituting "voice for" in place of "voice of." This amendment defeated. S. Dorn then proposed an amendment adding the phrase " on conditions of employment and professional dignity" to the resolution. This amendment passed. Debate on the main motion was closed and the amended resolution now reading " Resolved that the USF chapter of the United Faculty of Florida regards itself as the voice of faculty and related professionals at USF on conditions of employment and professional dignity." passed.

B. Welker discussed the resolution of the unfair labor practice, and ratification election. R. Weatherford is assembling a list of bargaining unit members for vote and requested suggestions for what information should be on list.

F. Zerla reported treasury in good shape, but chapter has not gotten UFF monies for recruiting new members yet.

M. Klisch reported no new grievances, chapter needs to set date for grievance training.

Although materials were distributed about the European Boycott issue at the meeting, S. Dorn proposed postponing discussion of the issue until the August 8th chapter meeting, which will be held in EDU 214.


August 9, 2002

In Attendance: F. Zerla, B. Welker, G. McColm, R. Weatherford, and N. Tyson. S. Dorn. S. Greenbaum, J. Nettleton, L. McLaughlin, L. Kay, J. McKenna-Gonzalez, M. Doherty

No Written Agenda. Agenda items agreed upon included the membership plan, resolution proposed by member, reclassification of employees, library promotion plan, and Dr. Al-Arian.

F. Zerla Passed out a Memorandum on the Budget that included an explanation, an accounting of fiscal year 2001-2002, and Proposed Budget 2002-2003

R. Weatherford moved that the chapter adopt the financial report and proposed budget. The proposed budget and memorandum were adopted. There is $8368.36 in treasury, not including $3218 allocated for membership.

S. Dorn passed out Membership Plan. First training session will be August 20 from 10-3:30 There was a motion to approve the Membership Plan and motion passed.

S. Dorn proposed the following resolution "The USF chapter of the United Faculty of Florida opposes on principle the barring of individual academics from any intellectual forum on the basis of nationality or institutional affiliation, and we condemn the actions of Mona Baker of University of Manchester's Institute of Science and Technology in removing Gideon Toury from the advisory board of the Translator and Miriam Shlesinger from the editorial board of Translation Studies Abstracts."

Following discussion of the motion it was passed, not unanimously.

There was discussion of possible reclassification of a small number of faculty status positions currently outside bargaining unit to A&P. S. Dorn proposed putting the issue of reclassification on list of possible consultation issues. Motion tabled until next meeting when more information will be available.

There was a discussion of issues related to Dr. Al-Arian.

M. Klisch reported no developments on grievances. B. Welker reported that given lack of news from FBOE, August contract ratification is becoming less likely. G. McColm reported next Bi-Weekly coming out week after August 27th.


Submitted by M. Doherty, Secretary August 12, 2002

August 23, 2002

In Attendance: S. Singh, F. Zerla, N. Tyson, L. Bird, K. McCook, M Doherty, B. Welker, S. Dorn, N. Anderson, S. Greenbaum, M. Klisch, G. McColm, R. Weatherford, P. Levy, A. Wolfe, L.Kay, M. Pace, D.Austin, F. Ottanelli, J. Futch, J. Nettleton.

There was no printed agenda. The agenda adopted was:

Al-Arian issues

Committee Reports/Grievances


New Business-Faculty meetings in the colleges and departments

Good of the Order

R. Weatherford summarized recent events concerning Dr. Al-Arian and read the press release from AAUP. Statewide UFF office now has all the documents. Thanks were expressed to Mark Klisch for serving as spokesperson on the day of President Genshaft's news conference.

At this point a news crew with a camera appeared in the hallway outside the meeting room. M. Klisch moved to exclude reporters until the end of the chapter meeting. F. Zerla proposed an amendment to exclude the reporters but to conclude the Al-Arian issues, issue a statement, and then continue the meeting. The amendment passed and then the main motion as amended passed.

There was agreement that any request to join the case should go to all affiliates: statewide United Faculty of Florida, Florida Education Association, American Federation of Teachers, and the National Education Association.

A Wolfe moved that the chapter ask its affiliates to consider joining the case. S. Singh proposed an amendment to drop the "consider" and ask the affiliates to join the case. The maker of the motion supported the amendment and there were no objections to it. The final motion was:

"That the USF UFF Chapter request that our affiliates intervene in the legal action involving Sami Al-Arian and the University of South Florida."

The motion passed as amended. There was a break in the meeting to allow the Chapter President to give a statement to the press outside the meeting room.

When the meeting resumed M. Klisch reported no new grievances. Grievance Training will be Sept. 5, from 12-4:30. Notice on the training will be sent to bargaining unit members.

B. Welker discussed bargaining, need for volunteers for local bargaining team including a numbers cruncher, and the lack of a response from FBOE on current bargaining proposal on salary.

S, Dorn announced that the town meeting would be held on October 18 from 11-12, with a following event at Riverfront Park from 2:30-6. He requested that union representatives ask to be included on agendas for faculty governance meetings in the colleges and departments. S. Greenbaum put forth proposal from a department chair to begin organizing groups of faculty for formal discussions of recent university events.

J. Nettleton discussed statewide pledge card drive.

F. Zerla announced that there is $8036.77 in regular treasury and $3061.78 in stewards/membership fund.

G. McColm announced that the Bi-Weekly will be out soon, the next newsletter is in final stages, and that there is an new overview page on website.

F. Ottanelli announced that Sheldon Grebstein would be speaking at USF in early September as a part of the Academic Freedom Forum series.

Good of the Order. There was discussion on the McBride fundraiser and upcoming debate on August 27th.


Submitted by M. Doherty, Secretary, August 25, 2002