Minutes for Meetings, Academic Year 2000-2001

UFF/USF Meeting March 9, 2001

In Attendance: H. Hechiche, M. Doherty, S. Singh, F. Zerla, N. Tyson, G. McColm, B. Welker, A. Shapiro, M. Silverman

F. Zerla reported there is $8692 in treasury. Chapter election costs will come out of that.

M. Silverman reported on the USF Bargaining Issues Committee. They are now dealing with changes to grievance process caused by educational restructuring. It has been proposed to establish a pre Step 1 mediation process, then take grievances to Step 1, then take them directly to arbitration (no Step 2) No consensus as to whether each university would support its own arbitration process. Next meeting will be in two weeks with President Genshaft.

S. Singh passed out the list of nominees for USF/UFF chapter offices and reviewed ballot and election procedure. Ballots will be mailed out on March 19th. and counted after noon, March 30.

Nominations at the close of the chapter meeting were:

President: Mitch Silverman, Roy Weatherford

Vice-President: Mark Klisch

Secretary: Margaret Doherty

Treasurer: Frederic Zerla

Senators: Samir Banoob, Mark Klisch, Greg McColm, Mac Miller, Art Shapiro, Surendra P. Singh, Harry Vanden, Robert Welker, Nancy Tyson, Gerald Notaro, Steve Permuth

(There are eight Senator positions; those not elected will become Alternate Senators)

Mitch Silverman asked for a vote in support of Senator Graham’s Referendum to re-establish a governing board for higher education. There would be time involved in working for the Referendum. Those present supported the idea.


Submitted by M. Doherty, Secretary, 3/13/01

UFF/USF Meeting February 22, 2000

In Attendance: F. Zerla, R. Weatherford, M. Doherty, N. Tyson, M. Klisch, S. Singh, M. Silverman

F. Zerla reported over $5000 in chapter treasury, Spring check not in yet from UFF.

M. Klisch reported that a tenure and promotion grievance was settled, and he has talked to other faculty about their promotion packets.

N. Tyson discussed the provost search. Four candidates will visit campus.

B. Welker reported on the USF committee meeting about contract language that mentions the BOR. There will be another meeting on grievance process and contract negotiation. He discussed options for future bargaining, and the Florida Senate bill that would eliminate PERC and provide for impasse resolution for all state employees.

There was a discussion of memo from state UFF detailing requirements for chapter elections. S. Singh will serve as election chair. A tentative schedule was agreed to which put a call for nominations out on 2/26, to be completed 3/9, and ballot out 3/13, in and counted 3/28.

Roy Weatherford self-nominated for the USF/UFF Chapter Presidency. Fred Zerla self-nominated for Chapter Treasurer

There was a discussion of statewide UFF Presidential election. Inviting both candidates to attend the same chapter meeting was proposed.

At different times during the meeting both Roy Weatherford and Mitch Silverman discussed their candidacy for the Chapter Presidency and gave their reasons for seeking the office.


Submitted 3/13/01 by M. Doherty, Secretary

UFF/USF Meeting February 9, 2001

In Attendance: B. Welker, M. Doherty, N. Tyson, F. Zerla, M. Klisch, A. Hechiche, M.Silverman, G. McColm, A. Shapiro

M. Silverman and B. Welker met with President Genshaft last week, University agreed to set up committee to deal with bargaining and contract issues resulting from changes in state educational governance structure. Members will be: B. Welker, S. Singh, M. Klisch, M. Silverman, and N. Tyson, ex officio. USF’s members will be P. Smith, R. Taylor, T. Wright, and the General Counsel. First meeting not yet scheduled.

There will be a meeting of the chapter on February 23rd.

Chapter elections mandated by constitution will occur this spring.

Bargaining will be topic of discussion at next meeting. Need bargaining team members.

M. Klisch announced no new grievances filed, but issues coming up relate to promotion and tenure.

There was a discussion of summer teaching opportunities for Tampa faculty and St Pete faculty, the Provost search, and reactions to latest Tampa UFF chapter newsletter.

Submitted 2/19/01 by M. Doherty, Secretary

UFF/USF Meeting December 1, 2000

In Attendance: M. Klisch, M. Silverman, B. Welker, H. Hechiche, N. Tyson, M. Doherty

B. Welker reported on the tentative contract.

M. Silverman reported on Provost’s response to sexual harassment workshop grievance.

Needs 12 union members who are willing to be trained as bargaining team members. There was discussion about cost of funding a USF bargaining team, release time, and cost for clerical staff.

There was discussion as to when BOR will terminate and implications for contract.


Submitted 01/8/00 by M. Doherty, Secretary

UFF/USF Meeting November 3, 2000

In Attendance: A. Hechiche, R. Weatherford, R. Wheeler, B. Welker, S. Singh, M. Klisch, N. Tyson, E. Metzger, M. Silverman, M.Doherty

M. Silverman reported on meeting with St Pete faculty. Current position of USF St Pete is that faculty can move to main campus if St Pete is given a line. This will be consultation topic. It was suggested that language could be inserted into any legislation changing St Pete status that protected rights of faculty.

R. Weatherford made a motion “That the USF chapter of UFF attempt to guarantee that whatever change of status of USF St Petersburg occurs, all existing faculty are guaranteed the right to retain their employment at St Pete, or to be transferred to the main campus, as they prefer” It was seconded and passed unanimously.

There was a question as to who the UFF rep on Provost Search Committee is.

Candidate for the Florida Legislature Sara Romeo visited and discussed the election.

B. Welker reported that BOR has withdrawn proposed contract language on ethical conduct and collegiality. It is now an issue whether BOR will be around in October 2001 to bargain next contract.

BOR is proposing reinstating TIP and PIP down to associate professor level. UFF is getting report on how article 23.9 money was dispersed. Discussion of proposed 5% yearly cut in base budget requested by governor’s office.

M. Klisch reported there are two new grievances concerning T&P --how the data was collected. There was a discussion about sexual harassment workshops being held at USF and about document attendees are requested to sign. There are possibly grievable issues if attendance is mandatory and if state contends faculty has fiduciary relationship with employer. There will be no meeting on November 17, but an Executive Committee meeting to set spring semester calendar, on November 8, 2000


Submitted November 6, 2000 by M. Doherty, Secretary

UFF/USF Meeting October 20, 2000

In Attendance: M. Silverman, M Klisch, A. Hechiche, R. Weatherford, M. Doherty

M. Silverman discussed University memo to Deans’ Council on evaluating faculty on job assignments and doing assignments in a timely manner. There will be a special consultation on reclassification that Llona Geiger will be coming for. There will be a meeting with St Pete faculty. There was a question about who in university structure UFF deals with for college of Public Health. USF administration will provide UFF with information on sabbaticals and on librarian salary inequities. The next newsletter will deal with grievances and common misunderstandings about the process.

There was a discussion about FTP/NEA meeting where an issue will be whether there is enough statewide UFF presence on the campuses. It is centralization vs. decentralization issue. Impact of Miami Dade Community College joining UFF discussed. Consensus that it is imprudent for UFF to make major structural changes until state university governance settled.

B. Welker reported on bargaining issues. R. Weatherford proposed inviting UFF endorsed candidates to next chapter meeting.


Submitted by M. Doherty, Secretary, 11/06/2000

UFF/USF Meeting October 6, 2000

In Attendance: G. McColm, E. Metzger, F. Zerla, A. Hechiche, M. Klisch, B. Welker, N. Tyson, M. Doherty, J. Futch, M. Silverman

B. Welker reported on bargaining discussions on articles 23 and 24.

F. Zerla announced that treasury at close to $2000, State UFF looking for check the chapter never received.

M. Klisch announced no new grievances. There is a difficulty in College of Engineering with non-teaching faculty being reclassified out of unit. Currently two step two grievances are in process

There will be two consultations on October 12. One is with Provost on reclassification of faculty out of unit. M. Silverman, L. Geiger, and M.Klisch will represent UFF. The other is at 2 PM. Possible issues are: Reassignments in Engineering, distribution of market equity monies, sabbaticals and professional development leaves (need to know how awarded, who gets full pay/full semester leaves, the number of people denied) How USF reorganization will effect branch campus faculty, inadequate library services for Lakeland USF students.

There was discussion of need for information on how Provost Search Committee being established. .


Submitted by M. Doherty, Secretary, 11/06/2000

UFF/USF Meeting September 22 2000

In Attendance: S. Singh, M. Doherty, N. Tyson, M.Klisch, B. Welker, A. Shapiro, F. Zerla, M. Silverman

There was a discussion on Reorganization Workshop. M. Silverman also addressed Faculty Senate on reorganization.

Chapter needs proxies from all Senators not attending October 21-22 Senate meeting

There will be a 2-hour consultation with USF President on October 12. One agenda item may be the number of grievances from College of Education on P&T and duty assignment. Other topics may be discretionary salary and reclassification. E-mail suggestions for topics to M. Silverman.

F. Zerla reported there will be slightly over $2000 left in chapter treasury after purchase of new office PC clears. Chapter awaiting quarterly check from UFF in Tallahassee. Old PC going to the Graduate Assistants Union. There will soon be a new e-mail account for chapter separate from USF.

B. Welker reported that bargaining team has met and is discussing potential issues.

M Klisch announced there are no new grievances.

There will be a tenure and promotion workshop for faculty the week of October 11.

It was proposed that a benefits workshop be held next semester.

There was further discussion of discretionary salary, and of Regional Campus autonomy and how it will impact faculty on those campuses with research assignments.


Submitted September 25, 2000 by M. Doherty, Secretary

UFF/USF Meeting September 8, 2000

In Attendance: M. Doherty, H. Hechiche, N. Tyson, F. Zerla, M. Klisch, B. Welker, M. Silverman, A. Shapiro, S. Singh

M. Silverman reported on statewide grievance summit. S. Singh is now chair of the statewide committee responsible for contract enforcement.

The chapter has hired an office employee. The Bargaining Team meets in Orlando this weekend.

M. Klisch announced there are no new grievances. However there was discussion of “reclassification” putting non-tenured employees on faculty lines and then changing lines to A&P. This was suggested as consultation topic.

There are 6-7 new members. M. Silverman will be visiting door to door recruiting. The Steward’s Committee will be discontinued. The next newsletter will be on grievances, and should also be sent as email on UFF list.

S. Singh advised members to check their work contracts for errors and to check the number of students in their classes against the number of student evaluations.

FEA wants UFF Representation on its governance committees at the state level.

There will be a meeting, date TBA, of UFF and FEA officials on “UFF Status: Year 2000”

There was discussion of changes made in T&P packet format made over summer without consulting UFF, and in changes of dates in tenure schedule. Both issues should be dealt with in consultation.

Adjournment. Submitted September 28, by M. Doherty, Secretary

UFF/USF Chapter Meeting August 25, 2000

In Attendance: M. Doherty, R. Wheeler, B. Welker, H. Hechiche, N. Tyson, F. Zerla, M. Klisch, S. Banoob, A. Shapiro, L. McLaughlin, G. McColm, M. Silverman

M.Silverman announced that the recruiting effort would begin the following week.

F. Zerla reported $4810.61 in chapter treasury. Chapter will replace workstation in office and will discontinue using state server for email and website.

B. Welker reported first bargaining session would be at end of September. Need suggestions for union members who might want to be on USF bargaining team.

M. Klisch announced that a grievance that went to Step two had been settled successfully. Another grievance is at Step 2. There was a discussion of tenure and promotion criteria changes that may generate more grievances.

There was further discussion of membership drive. M. Silverman stated that he feels UFF will need to build to 50% membership to retain union contract.

Suggested topics for next consultation included reminding administration of old promise to renovate classrooms, and an explanation of how evaluations effect salary increases.

N. Tyson proposed establishing a standing faculty senate committee for parking issues. There was also discussion of committee service, and how it is counted on evaluation since evaluation is base on “assigned duties.”

F. Zerla moved that the chapter support the Chapter President’s request to have chapter join Central Labor Council of AFL-CIO. Motion was seconded and passed unanimously.

Larry McLaughlin of Educational Outreach spoke briefly on his campaign for a seat in the Florida Legislature.


Submitted 8/31/00 by M. Doherty, Secretary