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On the Termination of Professor Sami Al-Arian

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We will maintain several pages of links and references, creating more as events unfold. Most of them are in the form of chronologies, with links and/or citations.

Warning. Many of the links (those marked with an *-asterisk) are to Lexis-Nexis, which requires a new search. Two asterisks apply to other possible restrictions.

When we talk about freedom,
we must mean freedom
for others
as well as ourselves ...
- Wendell Wilkie

Here are the pages:

Then there are some background pages. Then there are the chronological pages. See also these links:

Members of UFF are scholars as well as union members, and we have a scholarly interest in these events as well as a professional interest. As this controversy unfolds, we will be developing this site and posting more pages. These pages are maintained by the USF/UFF site webmaster, who would be interested in any comments.